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Our Services
  • Conveyancing and Deeds registration.
  • Mortgage and Participation Bonds.
  • Sectional Title Schemes.
  • Servitudes, subdivisions and consolidations of properties.
  • Cancellation of bonds.
  • Registration of Trusts and Companies.
  • Deceased Estates and Insolvent Estate Transfers.
  • Opening of Township Registers.
  • Deeds Office searches, Cipro searches, in-house track & tracing agency.
  • Private courier service operating and covering Gauteng Province as a whole.
  • Divorces, RAF Claims & personal injury, matrimonial and family law, Criminal,Corporate, Contracts, Commercial, Insolvency.
  • Corporate Commercial & Other (Wills, Estates, Companies and Trusts, formation of all forms of corporate entities, partnerships and ...
  • joint venture agreements, franchising agreements, general commercial agreements.
  • By far the biggest collections department in Gauteng.
  • Credit Card Collections.
  • Motor Vehicle Recovery (VAV).
  • Branch Retail.
  • Third Party Claims.
  • Administration Law.
  • Matrimonial & Family Law.
  • Drafting of commercial and residential leases.
  • Shortfalls (Homeloans & Motor Vehicle).
  • Property sales and Acquisition Agreements.
  • Sale of Shares Agreements.
  • Municipality Law.
WHy Use Us?
We are geared to provide first class service by ensuring excellent customer satisfaction, reliability and professionalism.

We enjoy status as the top performing attorney firm.

We believe in providing a hands-on approach and pay special attention to our clients individual needs.

We are affiliated with most of the estate agents, bond originators, land surveyors, engineers, quantity surveyors, town planners, accountants, municipalities and banks in Gauteng.

We provide unique and reliable follow through and call back service which enables us to maintain a good customer relationship and referral base.

Our aim and vision is to develop our staff by offering them further training and experience, thereby affording them the benefit to develop to their full potential.

We believe in growing our staff in order to grow our company.

We are a diverse company aiming for affordable, quality legal service to a broad spectrum of clients.
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